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Friday 31st January 2014
Three new paintings added to the gallery section - "Queens Of Summer" and also two further Bermuda Flowers paintings.

Thursday 23rd January 2014
Emily Sartain’s story about the Glastonbury Thorn painting was told in The Canadian Philatelist, January/February 2014 issue. The story also relates the history of the Glastonbury Abby and the association with King Arthur. More details to follow.

Thursday 23rd January 2014
The activation of the website was announced in the Vancouver Sun newspaper on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, page A11. The editor featured the announcement as the Letter of the Day. Numerous responses have been received. Unfortunately, the photograph inserted by the Sun editor is of the American Emily Sartain (1841-1927) and not the Victoria Emily. The two Emily’s are distantly related. Both were artists. The US artist specialized in human portraits and landscapes. The Victoria Emily specialized in floral portraits.

Sunday 1st December 2013
Some new paintings - two of Bermuda Flowers and one Roses, added to the gallery section
Also the Exhibition page has been updated with the following exhibitions:-

  • 1952 - Wye College
  • 1952 - Welwyn Garden City
  • 1953 - Wartbury Art Gallery
  • 1954 - January Royal Horticultural Society – Almer - Silver Gelt Medal
  • 1954 - Canadian Club – London
  • 1954 - Canadian Women’s Club - London
  • 1958 - British Columbia’s Centennial Year

tuesday 29th october 2013
Bill Pekonen has had a letter about Emily published in the Vancouver Sun.
You can view the article online here:

monday 21st october 2013
Well emilysartain.ca went live today!
We will be adding to this web site over the coming weeks and months so please keep checking back for updates!